Best iPhone 12 Leather Case - Choose the Most Comfortable One for Your iPhone

iPhone 12: Basic Specialties

-        Design

iPhone 12 has flatter sides that provide a smoother and more retro-modern look. This shape helps users to more securely dig the phone into their hands. Moreover, iPhone 12 has a hardened ceramic shield front, which supports 4 times better drop performance.

iPhone 12 comes with color options of black, white, red, green, and blue. The harmony of colors is important for you when deciding on which of the best iPhone 12 leather case alternative to choose.

-        Size & Weight

iPhone 12 has a size of 6.1-inch, just like iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro. On the other hand, the sizes of iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are 5.4-inch & is 6.7-inch, respectively. Size of your smartphone is one specialty to consider when choosing the best iPhone 12 leather case. Lastly, iPhone 12 weighs 5.78 ounces.


-        Display

iPhone 12 comes with a screen of 6.1 inch, which supports a more premium design with a feel of high-end. Furthermore, iPhone 12 has OLED screen which promotes more vibrant colors and deeper black with wider viewing angles.

-        Camera

iPhone 12 camera enables taking more light when functioning. This supports taking more quality photos. In addition, the lidar sensor provides an autofocus in darker ambiance. Besides, iPhone 12 also has HDR video recording with Dolby Vision function. Finally, the front camera contains deep fusion & night mode.

-        5G Connection

New iPhone 12 offers faster speed and more robust connectivity with 5G. This enables reliable and faster download speed. Addtionally, iPhone 12 provides fast data speed also in urban areas.

-        MagSafe

MagSafe technology ensures the easy connection for power adopters and some other Apple accessories. MagSafe is a system of magnets arranged in a circle designed at the rear case. MagSafe assists you to hold a wireless charging pad in the right place to charge the smartphone.

-        Performance

New A14 chip of iPhone 12 supports %50 better CPU & GPU performance. Besides, iPhone 12 promises next generation Neural Engine.

Suitable Phone Case Alternatives for You: Best iPhone 12 Leather Case

After choosing the convenient model, you should pick up the Best iPhone 12 leather case for your smartphone. Le Marchê Leather offers a wide range of Best iPhone 12 leather case options suitable for you. You may find a luxury phone case compatible with your style, among different color and size alternatives. The Le Marchê Leather collection contains luxury products of high quality with low prices convenient for Samsung models.


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