Best Productivity Apps for iPhone 12 Series

Beginning from late October 2020, newly released iPhone 12 series has been the most prominent headliner of the mobile technology debates. Indeed, the iPhone 12 series and Apple brand per se. are considered as something more than a smartphone, most often as a conscious preference and yes, a symbol of status. There is no doubt that the iPhone 12 series is cool and is of a distinguishing characteristic, yet we suggest that the strength and capability of this smartphone are more than that. Furthermore a smart approach to the best productivity apps for iPhone 12 Series, we believe, would make it the smartest assistant in your daily and business life.

best productivity apps for iPhone 12

 If the global pandemic and months-long lockdown have made you think about getting a mobile workstation, then it’s time for you to make sure that you have the best productivity apps on your iphone12. The year 2021 has come up with some best productivity apps to help you get done with your daily task within the comfort of your handset. Using mobile devices and other handsets have become more convenient these days due to the latest designs of leather IT accessories, which brilliantly co-relate with modern technology. Besides, the accessories encompass a sophisticated sense of art as well as vogue.

Meanwhile, in this era of worldwide pandemic and popularizing remote work culture, you can easily make use of your phone as a mobile workstation. It has become possible due to the more powerful processors and larger screens. If you’re vowing to make this year a time for getting more done and achieving heights that are still unachieved, the latest versions of the most useful productivity apps for your handset are the primary requirement.

A Glance at Best Productivity Apps for iPhone 12 Series

How can you be sure about the correct productivity-boosting app that should be considered for having space on the home screen of your device? After going through proper research, we have enlisted a few well-established and promising applications for the users of the iPhone 12 series. We hope after you have tried them you will agree with us on their being the best productivity apps for the iPhone 12 Series.

The article includes all the latest and best productivity-boosting applications that you should install to get more done with your regular office chores. Read the article thoroughly to learn in detail –

productivity apps 2021    

  • is one of the best productivity apps for iPhone 12. This application helps keep your daily chores in a proper schedule with reminders, to-do lists, notes. The app is also able to share lists with others, along with assigning tasks to employees.


  • This is a built-in note-taking app for iPhone 12 series. But anyone who owns an iOS device can avail of Flow. The application captured 2 awards last year, one is Apple Design Award while the other is Apple's honor for the best iPad application.


  • This productivity-boosting app has been aptly named, as it is a multi-platform planner app, keeping the to-do list clear with a gimmick-free approach. An outstanding touch management tool, isn’t it?


  • This is one of the best apps for productivity, which helps you plot out ideas with its amazing mind map features. The planning features of the Ayoa app help prioritize the important tasks, set deadlines for the tasks, and create reminders.

Google Drive


  • This is one of the best productivity apps for iPhone 12, which offers amazing services to its users. The popular services that Dropbox provides, have given birth to the cloud storage boom. This application is a go-to solution for the cloud storage and sharing needs of thousands of people.
best apps for productivity

Word, Excel & Powerpoint

  • Microsoft's Office suite of programs has achieved high fame in the field of productivity years ago. The mobile versions of the programs have efficiently carried on the tradition, allowing the users to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations respectively in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Drafts 5

  • This application offers you a blank page with a keyboard. Drafts 5 helps you get your notes and entries into a particular inbox, providing you ease to sort them later.


  • Among the productivity apps 2021, you must need a remarkable contacts manager. Well, Cloze helps to keep your business and professional contacts separate.

Just Press Record

  • Users of this versatile one-tap recording app can record from a long press on the icon, even from the device’s lock screen or notification widget. The application consists of some useful features for easy note-taking; e.g.- built-in transcription.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

  • This smart transcription application takes device-assisted voice notes. It is able to record from the internal mic of your handset, or its Bluetooth device. Also, it automatically transcribes your work almost in real-time, along with speaker ID, punctuation, and searchable playback of the recordings.


  • Check out Memento to improve the outlook of your reminders. This application offers you a choice between a vertical view of your upcoming to-do list and a visually pleasant grid look.


  • You often waste your work hours recalling important passwords. 1Password is an answer to that blunder, an unforgettable productivity apps definition. With the help of this application, you can store various tools and websites, e.g., bank account info, credit cards, passports, licenses, and many other things.


  • This powerful tool offers a versatile and wide workspace for you, so that you can search, annotate, compare, and review documents with ease on your iOS device.


  • This smart virtual assistant comes with a combining calendar, to-do-list, and note-taking facilities. The versatility of this app helps you make sense of your business appointments.

Toggl Track

  • With the help of this free time tracking app, you can cease and resume tasks both on your handset and PC, by syncing data between the two platforms.
productivity apple

Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • This superbly functional annotation app is one of the best productivity apps for iPhone 12. You can view and sign your PDFs effortlessly using this application.


  • To refrain from wasting your useful time on repetitive internet tasks, try IFTTT to automate tasks on your iOS device. The app is designed with multiple pre-built applets from which the users can form custom tasks.

Edison Mail

  • This all-in-one mobile email application offers you support to handle multiple email clients, with its handy assistance and mail management features.


  • This is one of the productivity apps 2021 providing cross-platform note-taking services to its users. It allows you to take and post images, notes, audio, and video snippets and arrange them into cloud notebooks and make them sync across various devices.


  • If you do not want to waste your valuable time going through interesting blogs or articles during your work, then put the link in your ‘Pocket’ to read later. This application is the rebranded version of the venerable Read It Later service, which is a renowned offline reading tool allowing you to save articles, videos, and images for viewing later.

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