Coronavirus Anxiety Is Spreading

Protect Yourself and Be Supportive to Others

Coronavirus anxiety is spreading very fast. The level of fear and anxiety is different for everyone. However, when the coronavirus became a pandemic outbreak, the anxiety in all of us increased a little more. Many of us have not witnessed a pandemic epidemic at this level. 

Many of the news in the media is about the epidemic. Case and death tolls are constantly updated. We do not fully know the impact of this news on people today. However, it seems to be more likely to affect children more. After the epidemic was declared as a pandemic, WHO published a guide to combat anxiety and stress that may arise. WHO announced a guideline entitled "Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak" on March 12th 2020. The organization also advised that “…Minimize watching, reading or listening to news that causes you to feel anxious or distressed; seek information only from trusted sources and mainly to take practical steps to prepare your plans and protect yourself and loved ones. Seek information updates at specific times during the day, once or twiceGet the facts; not the rumors and misinformation…Facts can help to minimize fears.  


Coronavirus Anxiety Is Spreading

Coronavirus anxiety affects everybody, call your loved ones  

Helping children cope with anxiety during the 2019-nCoV outbreak  

Coronavirus anxiety could be more common among children. Since children may be more affected by the newsWHO also published a separate advisory guidance about childrenChildren cannot express their fear and anxiety as openly as adults. 

They want to be closer to their parents when their anxiety and stress levels are high. They may show behaviors such as bedwetting, anger, being clingy or agitated. Especially in stressful times, children need the support and love of their families more. In cases where anxiety and fears are high, more attention should be paid to children. Listening to them more and explaining the case in a way that they can understand will reduce their anxiety and stress. In our previous blog, we mentioned the benefits of time sharing within the family with the title of "4 fun activities for your family". We can find many activities that we can share time with our family. Organizing a meal night might be a great pleasure for your family. Coronavirus anxiety should not make your life unbearableChildren love to play together. Choose games that are suitable for your children's age group that you can play together. Gardening is a long-term educational activity beyond being a daily activity. Making a family memory video album can be a very enjoyable and memorable activity.  

Coronavirus Anxiety Is Spreading

Keep in touch with your loved ones   

Coronavirus Anxiety, opportunities, your phone and phone case 

Coronavirus anxiety is real but wshould remember that every crisis is an opportunity. We can strengthen our ties by spending more time with children and loved ones. During this epidemic, we can permanently teach our children how important it is to wash our hands with soap.  

One of the most important things to do in this pandemic is to support others. Self isolation should not be understood as not speaking to anyone. Calling your loved ones by phone can support them. This support will also help you. Coronavirus anxiety can turn into an opportunity. The feeling of helping others motivates you. This will be mutually beneficial. You can use your phone effectively in this period.  

Excessive flow of information should not be a source of stress for you. Limit yourself to reading and listening to news. Due to the pandemic, we should pay more attention to the hygiene of our phone. We explained the hygiene of your phone in our previous blogs. Protecting your phone with a quality, elegant and natural leather case is also important in terms of hygiene. Le Marche Leather offers customizes cases in attractive colors. Natural leather is hygienic, free of bacteria and very easy to clean. Water and soap, which is the most effective fight with coronavirus, is sufficient for cleaning the leather phone case.   

Coronavirus Anxiety Is Spreading

Le Marche leather cases keep your iPhone safe  

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