Five Common Mistakes We Made When Using Smartphones

Five Common Mistakes We Made When Using Smartphones

Smartphones simplify our lives in many ways and make our lives comfortable. However, the mistakes that we do not pay much attention while using smartphones can have serious consequences to our health and decrease our quality of life. In this blog, we will discuss the five common behaviors that affect our lives negatively. Here are the five common mistakes we should avoid when using smartphones.

Looking at the screen with the wrong posture

Leaning your head too much when looking at the smartphone screen while using a phone can pose a serious health problem. It can cause discomforts such as cervical discal hernia or neck curvature. For this reason, using the phone at your eye level is important for your health.

1-   Sleeping by Phone

Smartphones principally perform as a basic electromagnetic transmitter and receiver. This means that phones are constantly emitting radio waves. Although there is no scientific research based on accurate results yet, we know that our brain will be adversely affected by exposure to these waves for a long time. In addition, notifications that will come during sleep can cause you to lose sleep.

Five Common Mistakes We Made When Using Smartphones

2-   Exposure to Blue Light for a Very Long Time

The blue light that your phone screen reflects suppresses the secretion of the melatonin hormone, which adjusts your sleep pattern. This can cause disruption of sleep patterns. Also, blue light can lead to both vision disorders and headaches. Using a blue light filter or adjusting the backlight can help users minimize those issues.

3-   Using the Phone in Poor Signal

When your smartphone has a poor signal, that means they have to perform harder to receive adequate signals, and this makes your phones warmer. This creates another problem for the phone. If your phone has a low signal, do not use your phone as much as possible, if you do not have to.

4-   Excessive Touch with Your Smartphones

Prolonged contact of smartphones with the skin makes your phones warm, and this can cause dermatological disorders. Therefore, it is very important for our health to carry the phone in the bag instead of hand. In addition, using headphones during phone calls is another precaution to avoid excessive touching with the phone.

Five Common Mistakes We Made When Using Smartphones

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