How to Care and Clean Your Leather iPhone 12 Case

Clean Your Leather iPhone 12 Case: Why Leather Products?

Many people prefer to use leather products in daily life due to their durability, elegancy and sharp look. Additionally, leather provides resistance and strength for wallets, briefcases, phone cases or tablet cases. Moreover, there is a high variety of options for leather products in terms of color and style. Also, leather made goods are easy to maintain and clean when compared to other forms.

Just like other leather made products, you should follow some instructions when you wish to clean your leather iPhone 12 Case. However, before listing those tips regarding how to leather iPhone 12 Case, let’s first have a quick general look at hints for caring a leather iPhone 12 Case:

Taking Care of Leather iPhone 12 Case

  • Tip 1: Avoid any liquid spill on your leather iPhone 12 Case and keep it dry. If it gets wet in rain, put some piece of newspaper inside and let it absorb the moisture.
  • Tip 2: Clean your leather iPhone 12 Case by wiping the outer surface once a week and the interior once a month. Keep the briefcase open after wiping to let the air inside it to dry.
  • Tip 3: Apart from you periodically clean your leather iPhone 12 Case, condition the product at least once a year. Apply a soft cloth with a proper conditioner.


  • Tip 4: If you will not use your leather briefcase for a while, put it in another bag and place somewhere away from dust and sunlight. It is good to clean your leather iPhone 12 Case prior to storing.

Anyway, the methods of cleaning, storing and conditioning for leather briefcase may vary depending on manufacturer’s guidelines. In this case, you should pay attention to manufacturer instructions for how to take care of and clean your leather iPhone 12 Case.

How to Clean Your Leather iPhone 12 Case

It is clear that taking our leather goods to a specialist for maintenance and cleaning at certain periods is not easy for many of us. Rather, we have to learn methods to care them at home. So, here are some useful and beneficial clues when you wish to properly clean your leather iPhone 12 Case:

Clue 1 –Remove Liquid Stains

Before you clean your leather iPhone 12 Case, bottle the stained part with a cloth to absorb the liquid. After removing the excess amount of liquid, clean the area with a damp tissue. Remember to start the practice with the outside of the stain, and move to inwards. That way you would prevent liquid to spread outwards. Finally, use a dry cloth or tissue to dab the stained area, without rubbing. After completing all those steps, put your bag in a warm room, but without applying direct heat on the bag.

Clue 2 – Clean Your Leather iPhone 12 Case with Dish Soap or Saddle Soap

In case you want to clean your leather iPhone 12 Case very quickly, you may use dish soap and water to easily remove the grime and smudge. However, if your product is very dirty, you should prefer saddle soap. You may apply it on your briefcase directly or by filling a sink with warm water. Then rub the leather a bit to warm it up and use a cloth to clean it. As a kindly reminder, you should clean all parts of the briefcase that are made of leather when you clean your leather iPhone 12 Case with saddle soap. Otherwise, these areas would smell different than the cleaned parts.

Prior to conducting above processes, make sure that the briefcase is dry. So that, you would not add extra water on your good.

Clue 3 – Use Cleaning Spray and Conditioner

You may benefit from commercial cleaning sprays produced uniquely for leathers. In this practice, first apply the product on a soft cloth. Then, start to rub your briefcase with this cloth until you see no residue or dirt on it.

Since dyeing it later may not be possible, cleaning is a more appropriate option if your leather briefcase is a few years old. Also do not forget to clean other leather parts such as handles.

Another important point to care and clean your leather iPhone 12 Case is using leather conditioners. By containing moisture, the conditioner helps the leather to maintain its soft structure. You may prefer to buy leather conditioners or either to make your own one at home.

First apply the conditioner on a soft cloth. Rub the conditioner on the leather and be sure the entire surface is fully covered with it. Then wait for 15-20 minutes and rub the leather with a soft cloth until it gets shiny.

Clue 4 – Remove Paint Spots and Scuff Marks

Sometimes you may specifically need to deal with white paints and scuff marks when you clean your leather iPhone 12 Case. In this case, you can have some soapy water to get the stain a bit wet. Then rub some leather cleaner around the spot. Take a regular household sponge and gently buff the surface with the backside of it. And finally wipe down the surface with a clean and soft cloth.


Clue 5 – Apply Wax

Again you would need a soft cloth to rub a bit of wax on it. Then rub it on the entire leather surface. After that polish the leather with a clean cloth till it looks shiny. The function of the wax is to lock in the moisture and protect the leather from water. Therefore, use the wax only if you want to seal the leather and protect it from the elements. Otherwise, you should prefer to clean your leather iPhone 12 Case with conditioner.

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