Keep Your iPhone Safe, Corona Will Affect Everything

Keep Your iPhone Safe | Corona is Spreading

Keep your iPhone safe because the Coronavirus will change many things. Smartphones, phone cases, microbes, viruses, and bacteria are all integral parts of our daily lives. Researches show that mobile phones are ten times dirtier than toilet seats. We cannot give up our smartphones and phone cases. But at the same time, our health is more important than anything else. 

The new Coronavirus,COVID-19, responsible for causing respiratory distress in the infected, continues to spread and the death toll is increasing every day. As of February 20, 2020, China reported that 2,118 people had died from COVID-19. The number of people infected by the virus worldwide has reached 76,000. These numbers have exceeded the figures in the Sars and Mers outbreaks previously experienced. We do not know when the virus epidemic will end or be under full control these days as we approach the beginning of March 2020. The previous SARS pandemic had started in China in 2002 and was eventually brought under control in July 2003. 

Keep Your iPhone Safe | Corona Will Affect Everything

The Coronavirus affected the Apple iPhones, but the Le Marche Leather case protects your iPhone. 

Has the Coronavirus Affected the Apple iPhones? 

Apple said that "worldwide iPhone supply would be temporarily constrained" The Chinese Government has closed down many factories in the country since January 28, 2020, to control the coronavirus outbreak. Foxconn, the most well-known company for making iPhones and other Apple devices had said the company has taken the necessary steps to lessen the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Of course, big companies like Apple have contingency plans and alternative subcontractors. Apple has alternative subcontractors in Taiwan and India, but their capacities are not large enough to meet needs. Keep your iPhone safe because we don't know what will happen.  

Another critical Apple subcontractor, Pegatron, had to postpone the restart of some of its factories, as the labor return rate remained at 40-60%. Apple's offices and 42 retail locations remain closed in China. Of course, Apple's entire production does not depend on China. There are suppliers from many countries, but Chinese companies are essential manufacturering partners and responsible for a lot of the shipment of Apple products. 

Keep your iPhone safe, use the Le Marche leather case! 

As we mentioned in our previous blog, Le Marche produces high-quality genuine leather phone cases. Main features of mobile phone cases made of genuine leather are: 

- Protective 

- Durable for decades 

- Easy to grasp 

- Sophisticated 

- Graceful, refined, and flexible

- Easy to clean

- Water-resistant 

In our other blog, we pointed out that genuine leather is not chemically treated and is a natural material, obtained by natural methods. Nowadays, Le Marche leather cases are one of the most preferred materials for individuals when harmful substances, germs, bacteria, and viruses surround us. Keep your iPhone safe; Le Marche leather cases will help you to protect your iPhone. 

Keep Your iPhone Safe | Corona Will Affect Everything

Keep your iPhone safe, use the Le Marche leather case! 

If you feel your phone case is dirty or smudged, before cleaning the stained area, carefully try to remove the spill or stain with a dry microfiber cloth. If necessary, pour some mild soap onto a sponge and press to generate foam and apply the sponge smoothly to the leather case in slow circular movements, applying the area that requires the cleaning process. Rubbing is not recommended because it harms the tissue of leather. 

We do not know when the Coronavirus will be under full control. We also do not know how the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak will affect the supply of new iPhones. We can say that you need to protect the iPhone you use. Le Marche Leather offers stylish, easy-to-clean, natural leather phone cases that will protect your iPhone in the most dangerous virus epidemic of recent years. Natural leather is extremely easy to sanitize. A damp piece of microfiber and mild soap will help protect your health. While there are many problems with smartphone manufacturers and subcontractors, it is the smartest way to protect our iPhone with a Le Marche phone case. Keep your iPhone safe with a Le Marche leather case. Clean and protective!

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