Le Marche iPhone Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case

Hey! But what about the need for protecting your iPhone and its body?

Le Marche Leather iPhone covers come at a rescue by helping people to protect and look classy at the same time. The Le Marche Leather covers not only protect your phone but also gives that appealing look that you always wanted for your phone. Therefore, your smartphone case will not only give you a luxurious look but also attract people to ask you about your phone cover.

A Cover to Match Your Personality

Every launch of iPhone mobile makes the biggest noise worldwide and that too with its new triple camera feature, the company has drooled the consumer to purchase an iPhone from them. If you fall in those 100 million customers of iPhone, you know how delicate its body is and why you need to protect your phone with a stylish and sleek iPhone cover. We all know that iPhone users hold a greater brand value in the market as their phone is a status symbol and they want to keep it that way.

iPhone 12 magnetic case wallet

Apart from your clothes and personality, your phone is the first thing that a stranger notices about you, makes that impression worthwhile with Le Marche Leather iPhone case. Based on the emerging need of customers using iPhone leather covers on a daily basis, we have added a new addition in our cover range that is “iPhone Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case”. These covers are fashion appropriate as well as long-lasting. We have given a list of benefits that you will get by buying our magnetic detachable wallet case range:

  • High on design
  • Space to keep cash and coins
  • Extra space to keep cards
  • Detachable snap-on case
  • Wireless charging and Apple Pay friendly
  • Sturdy and very useful
  • 360° protection
  • Scratch resistant and good thickness
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Magnetic strap

Be it your iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max or even iPhone 7, LeMarche personalized leather cases range are fit for all types of iPhone. With magnetic wallet case, it will become easier for you to relax your fingers and keep all your stuff on the phone cover. Along with protecting your phones, the wallet case will also avoid the need of carrying a purse and protecting your cash as we bet you can forget your wallet but not your phone ;)

Why Should You Buy iPhone Cover from Le Marche?

Full coverage iPhone case

We, as Le Marche, believe in going to the maximum extent to give satisfaction to our beloved customers. Craftsmanship is our USP as we all know how much you guys love getting customized products with unique detailing. Our smart covers are highly used by customers for gifting also. In order to protect your backside of phone, we have also added a soft linen on the inside to avoid scratches. Our team works day and night to select the best design for you and develop eco-friendly products as well. Our artificial leather used in making wallet case is extremely durable and long lasting, you can get tired of watching our case but the wallet case will never leave your sight. Give that great feel to your hands, ease to your fingers and safety to your phones all at one place- “Le Marche.”

Don’t miss the opportunity of showing off your new iPhone or converting your old iPhone into a new one just by buying the latest iPhone magnetic detachable wallet case available for a limited time period. Just like you change clothes, your phone also needs some transformation to flatter its iPhone body.

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