Mechanical Card Holder Wallet as a New Comfort Line

Mechanical Card Holder Wallet concept has increasingly been an insightful and robust alternative to the classical wallets. Particularly after the invasion of plastic money into our daily life, this flow has become more and more distinguishable. Yes, digital paying systems are growing too, but Americans still like plastic options. Moreover, ID Cards, workplace entry cards, loyalty cards, and travel passes are only the first things coming to mind to add to that list. Especially in the modern life in which the rush is everywhere, pulling them out from the card slots and putting in the back can be a hurdle for every one of us. Isn't a typical scene? While waiting in the line and thinking about the last month's sales, or your graduation ceremony or while struggling with your kids, a voice or sign like "next in the line" disrupts everything and your hands are almost tangled. You fight to find the right card in your wallet, and every time one of them falls on the floor. The most prominent lesson to be drawn from this setup now: card slots may not help you all the time!


Why Then a Mechanical Card Holder Wallet?

Mechanical Card Holder wallets aka New-Age Wallets do not limit you to the card slots. You can still enjoy the benefits of cash slots or change pockets. In other words, a mechanical card holder wallet enables you to see all your cards at one single click and brings them at your service while the convenience of a classical wallet is available. Besides, it would hold your cards securely without any hassle like fell-offs and drops via its specially designed mechanism.

Mechanical Card Holder Wallets are generally designated to host 6-8 cards, and There are several types of materials used in the production process such as wood, plastic and metal depending on the model. However, if you are looking for the fashionable look and elegancy, you should definitely go for a genuine leather handcrafted one. That subtle smell and the unique texture which manifest itself at first sight and fantastic feel when you touch would be a splendid combination with its durability over time. The mechanism is pretty convenient. When you just release the fastener button at the bottom, the cards would pop-up instantly. The slim design on these types of wallet prevents a bulky look under inner, front or back pockets on your dress-ups or casual clothes.

Last but not least, you don't have to fill all slots in the mechanical card holder part of the wallet. One card or six cards wouldn't make any difference. The mechanism would hold them, and they will not come off.


A Parenthesis for Business Cards

Who can say "Glomorous days of the business card are faded"? That would be highly assertive but wrong. Yes, new technologies made it possible to exchange digital business cards and store them. But, I guess we are a little conservative on some issues, and the transition is not that much fast. People still like to exchange business cards physically when they introduce themselves in business meetings and job interviews. Even in this digital era, about 27 million business cards are printed on a daily basis. So, we know that building and sustaining a positive first image in this kind of meetings is essential. Your business cards should reflect you, your job and even your vision and they should be beautifully designed, that is correct. Yet, not enough. It is crucial how you pass them. In such occasions, trying to take out a business card from your old-fashioned wallet might not be so cool to the extent that it might embarrass you when they are stuck together and when you try to detach them. By a single click with A Mechanical Card Holder Wallet and picking a single card, you can leave a good impression on your colleagues quickly.


Mechanical Card Holder Wallets and Security

Let's begin with an old-fashioned but still effective threat to your privacy and information security which is the eyes of foreigners. Mechanical Card Holder Wallets keeps your cards inside of the metal case when not in use, and this is a necessary firsthand protection against birdwatchers.

However, novice smart payment systems that utilize radio frequency identification technology pose intelligent threats against your cybersecurity as well. Therefore, you should be alerted all the time and ensure that your sensitive information found in your credit cards, debit cards or ID cards are safe against RFID skimming criminals. Then it becomes crucial to choose a Mechanical Card Holder Wallet enabled with RFID protection. These types of wallets would serve as a significant protection measure as well as a chic, elegant and eye-catching accessory.


Your Health Matters

Unfortunately, many cheaply made accessories contain hazardous chemical ingredients. Considering the fact that we are always in physical contact with our personal belonging such as our smartphone cases, watch bands and wallets, motivation to save money should not cost you something bigger which is your health. That's one of the best reasons why we recommend leather accessories over others. Leather is a natural material, and once crafted with care and chemical-free, leather accessories would be the most reliable companions in your hectic daily routine for you and your beloved ones. Ultimately, we strongly recommend using leather mechanical cardholder wallets thereof.

Handmade Leather Mechanical Card Holder Wallets by LE MARCHÈ

At Le Marchè, we continuously strive for the best quality and elegancy by combining elbow grease of our veteran artisans and top-notch quality materials and innovative, eye-brightening designs. Just take a look of our genuine leather handmade mechanical cardholder wallet collection, and you will realize the difference which will make you special among others.

Our Story

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