Protect Your Smartphone with MagSafe Adopted iPhone 12 Leather Case

Protect Your Smartphone with MagSafe Adopted iPhone 12 Leather Case

The iPhone 12 was released by Apple on October 23. There are a few features that let the phone overcome the previous one, iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 is a more expensive phone than last year’s iPhone11, with Apple adding $100 / £100 to the price; it does, however, bring a number of new features in the shape of an OLED display, a slightly upgraded camera, a new design and – the big hitters – 5G and MagSafe connectivity. As a producer of mobile phone accessories, Le Marche Leather is ready to welcome iPhone 12 and its technologies through newly designed iPhone 12 leather cases.

What is MagSafe Technology

The first proprietary MagSafe technology was introduced by Apple in 2006 for a MacBook Pro. It is a proprietary magnetically attached wireless power transfer, and accessory-attachment standard used originally for the Mac Pro and Mac Air. The aim is, if your MacBook is tugged by someone tripping over the power cord, the MagSafe connector will pull out of the socket without damaging itself, the power socket, or your laptop. However, MagSafe technology began to be phased out upon the release of the fourth-generation MacBook Pro. The latest MacBook used MagSafe was discontinued in early 2019.


One of the most important iPhone 12 changes that may not initially seem significant is the addition of a circular magnetic connection. It is contained within the back of the phone and centered around the Apple logo and known as MagSafe. This new technology allows accessories to be attached to the iPhone 12 magnetically, which has solved one of the biggest issues with wireless charging. Because the alignment of the device with the charger is very critical to faster charging., with MagSafe, the magnets make alignment effortless. As the iPhone 12 approaches a MagSafe wireless charger, a guiding force will be felt, enabling ideal placement and the fastest charging. MagSafe also includes technology that charges at 15-watts, double the maximum charging power of the previous iPhone generation. This is possible due to additional shielding that has been added to the iPhone 12. MagSafe is still compatible with existing Qi chargers but will only charge at 7.5-Watts or less, depending on the charger. With the MagSafe charger, it takes about an hour to charge an ‌iPhone 12‌ from zero to 50 percent, which is double the time that it takes to charge using a USB-C to lightning cable and a 20 W+ USB-C power adapter.

How Le Marche’s iPhone 12 Leather Cases Welcome MagSafe?

Change in smartphone technologies leads change in the accompanying accessories such as iPhone leather cases. There is no doubt that MagSafe is a very convenient modern device to assist you in your technology-based life. New technologies make smartphones much more fragile and expensive. Moreover, new features mean new usage areas in daily life, which increase the need for protection. Due to MagSafe, the designers and manufacturers of IT accessories should respond promptly, design, and produce suitable for this technology. Protecting your iPhone 12 against drops, liquid spills, dust, and dirt is an inevitable need. The case which will protect your mobile phone should also be a MagSafe compatible one. Otherwise, removing your case every time and putting your iPhone 12 on the MagSafe, and then reinstalling it into the snap-on case could be annoying. Le Marche’s iPhone 12 leather cases appropriate to this work. Thanks to our newly shaped cases, you can protect your mobile phone and go on without any concession of the benefits of MagSafe technology.


Due to traffic jam, people spend hours in their cars. For example, an American family drives 25 miles a day on average. This reality makes clear that iPhone 12 leather cases should be compatible with the car version of the MagSafe. Accessory makers are working on MagSafe attachments coming with a car dock and a combo iPhone/Apple Watch charger.

Le Marchê Leather is the story of optimism and inspiration for smartphones

The vision of LeMarche Leather emerged when three dedicated friends came together to inspire and nurture the human spirit by providing everyone a canvas for self-identity and self-expression. Le Marchê Leather was born from a love and passion for leather and transforming the material into something meaningful. With the help of leather artisans, veterans, and foreign designers, Le Marchê Leather has become one of the high-quality brands that achieve new qualities of elegance in the smartphone market and mobile lifestyle of people around the world. Simply visit our website, choose the customization option, and do let us know so you can have your personalized smartphone cases.

Le Marchê handcrafts premium leather accessories to bring sophistication to your mobile lifestyle. With an all-in-one vision, Le Marchê provides leather smartphone cases that are durable, elegant, fashionable, and functional. Our sleek, modern, and luscious smartphone snap-on case designs combined with personalized options make a statement wherever you go. 

Extraordinary should not be expensive, but a standard. Le Marchê Leather has created its own style, and now we are building a community. 

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