The New MacBook Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 with M1 Chip Get on the Stage

The New MacBook Pro 2020 13 inches and MacBook Air 2020 were among the most wondered Apple Products in 2020. Apple finally introduced these long-awaited 2020 M1 MacBook models with a launch event named "One More Thing". Tim Cook, Apple CEO, described Macs saying, "We love the Mac; it's in our DNA," He stated that talented Mac users created many applications, which facilitate our lives even with older versions of MacBooks. And that would be more impressive and easier with the new MacBook Air and new MacBook Pro 2020 series, he added. Of course, the event's headline was Apple's M1 Chips, currently the highest performing central processing units of the computer market. M1 Chip in MacBook Air and 13 inches new MacBook Pro 2020 was produced by Apple per se, and that is a radical differentiation compared to the previous versions of MacBook. It wouldn't be wrong to talk about a new era in laptop computers.

Yes, this year's newly launched models consist of Mac Mini, new MacBook Air, and 13 inches MacBook Pro. After its long collaboration with Intel beginning from 2005, this is the first time Apple shows up with its original M1, which is claimed to radically shift the perceptions regarding the idea of the computer processor. This unexpected change seems to leave MacBook fans in a difficult situation in a good way. Choosing one of them will not be so easy.

M1 Chip

M1 Chip causes 13 inches new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro almost to hurtle. In other words, the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro promise to double and even triplicate the speed and power, which was never experienced before by MacBook Users. Furthermore, the fantastic speed tends to be a milestone for the rest of the laptop market. Producing its own processor, Apple would be saving about three billion dollars with the release of M1 Chip New MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. Consequently, Mac Users expect a reflection on the grounds of the lower prices.

New MacBook Pro 2020 M1

M1 Chip of the New MacBook Air and MacBook Pro comes with 8 core CPUs that means 16 billion transistors in a chip, the greatest number ever utilized by Apple. That makes Apple M1 Chip the very first computer processor designated with 5NM technology. The M1 processor gathers GPU and CPU under a single roof with its advanced 8 Core. The CPU core in the M1 chip makes MacBook 13 inches models the fastest available laptop computers among its counterparts. When considering this never-before-seen performance, it wouldn't be fair to say "new MacBook with M1 chip is fairly better than its previous generations." We may confidently talk about an upper league, doing the same task by flying rather than running. Let's begin with some standard new features:

  • It looks like we will see all iPhones, iPads, and MacBook Laptops with the same fundamental design from now on, and we will be able to use IOS apps on MacBook Laptops.
  • New MacBook laptops with retina display offer a much more realistic and vibrant visual experience compared to the previous versions. A critical outcome of this  development is that we will have better quality FaceTime video talks
  • 6 hours of extra battery performance on the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is highly impressive
  • USB 4-Thunderbolt ports provide better quality and faster data and power transfer

    The New 13 inches MacBook Pro 2020 with M1 Chip

    The 13 inches new MacBook Pro 2020 seems to put emphasis on a bit more professional perspective and gaming experience. Even if you think you don't need a new laptop, this laptop is the kind that would be so tempting to change your mind with its thrilling power, speed, and performance.

    new MacBook Pro 13" 2020

    This model provides 5 times faster graphic processing and 2.8 times faster overall performance with its 8 core GPU and CPU compared to the previous versions. Its 16 core Neural Engine Unit promises 11 times faster learning capacity. All in all, with these features, 13 inches MacBook Pro 2020 renders an incomparable prominence with respect to the older generations.

    20 hours extended battery life of the 13 inches new MacBook Pro 2020 provides an uninterrupted working comfort, and frankly, this majestic battery capacity makes it unique among its competitors. Its double fan design enables you to use your MacBook Pro silently for long hours seamlessly. While the SSD storage options are the same as those in Mac Book Air, 16 GB RAM is integrated into the system.

    Now, one could confidently say that Apple winks at the gaming laptop market with its 13 inches MacBook Pro and this is the first time Apple aims to attract gamer audiences to its wonderland.

    The new MacBook Air, Magic Keyboard, Touch ID, Touch Bar, and True Tone, and ultimately the retina screen come with the new 13 inches MacBook Pro. Gold, Silver, and Space Gray are the color options.

    The last crucial recent development to be mentioned here relates to the operating system. Apple put its new MacOs Big Sur operating system into service right after releasing the new M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

    New MacBook Air with M1 Chip 2020

    Apple has made the new M1 MacBook Air 17% smaller and 10% lighter than the previous generations, which means the most gentle and lightweight MacBook Air ever. The new MacBook Air's up-five-times faster GPU and CPU with 8 cores results in 3.5 times faster overall performance than the previous generations. Besides, the new advanced Neural Engine Unite bears 9 times faster learning capacity. This is remarkable progress indeed. An 18-hour battery life with a single charging would also make MacBook users feel special against non-Mac laptop users.

    Furthermore, since it has a fanless design, a tremendous complete silence would be an outstanding cool comfort. The new 2020 MacBook Air comes with 2 default storage alternatives: 256 GB and 512 GB SSD, both having 8 GB RAM. However, the capacity can be extended up to 2 TB. Magic Keyboard, Touch ID, True Tone features should be added to the list. Gold, Silver, and Space Gray options welcome potential buyers.

    new MacBook Air 2020

    How to Protect your M1 MacBook Air and 13 inches MacBook Pro?

    As soon as you get your new M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, an important question would inevitably come to your mind, which is how to protect it. The primary rationale behind a laptop idea is mobility. While mobility offers a wide range of freedom and enables you to move your work everywhere, there is a cost you should avoid. Minor accidents, drops, liquid spills, detrimental effects of dust, dirt, and moisture pose a severe threat to the performance and health of your MacBook. In a hectic modern life, no one has immunity against such everyday clumsiness and misfortunes. Therefore, selecting a high-quality laptop sleeve or case can help you protect your new M1 MacBook Air and 13 inches MacBook Pro on which you would dote.


    Yes, the protection and utility side of such a selection is critical. However, aesthetical concerns should also play a significant role, and they literally do. Then do you have to compromise with one of them? Of course, not! You can enjoy the benefits of carrying your laptop together with your other personal belongings while manifesting your way of life in terms of elegance and chicness. LE MARCHÈ has something to say at this point.

    leather MacBook Pro Case

    Our handcrafted genuine leather MacBook cases would be an excellent complementary accessory to your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Their slim and minimalistic design enables you to use them as a sleeve or a case and renders an eye-catching beauty noticed at first sight. Top-notch quality suede interior perfectly protects your MacBook against scratches. An extra pocket embedded in the design would become handy when you look for a nice place to put your other belongings, such as your cell phone and others. If you are a pen lover and looking for a built-in holder inside your laptop case, no worries, we also considered this detail. You can see our MacBook Air and MacBook Pro leather case collection here.

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