Wallet or Cardholder? How to Choose One

Wallet or cardholder? Let’s begin by reiterating a familiar scene. When you are back home in the evening, your eyes randomly go to the side table, and yes, something stares at you as though it were imploring you saying, “Come on! I want to retire!  we saved many good memories together but isn’t it time to take a rest?” Yes, it is your old and faithful wallet. One more look but this time closer, and you wholly agree that it is time to change. The big question comes then on how to choose a wallet or cardholder.  No worries, we will do our best to help in this blog.

Determine Your Priorities and Preferences

Your needs would be the best guidance tool when deciding whether a wallet or cardholder will be the best for you.

·       Your Job and Daily Routine

Your job characteristics are a good indicator of your needs. For example, if your profession requires wearing suits, large wallets might not be a wise choice since it would seem awkward under your jacket. This is especially true for men because ladies can always use their bags to hide their wallets. On the other hand, if your work and daily routine require easy access to a number of credit cards, driving licenses, loyalty and business cards, tickets and travel documents, receipts, or other ID cards, then you may go for wallets with plenty card slots and concealed compartments.

·       Cash Preference

If you are a risk avoider, who prefers buying with cash to buy with credit cards or simply like carrying cash, classical wallets can be a good option. You may also choose cardholders with an adequate number of card slots as well. Likewise, if your daily routine requires carrying change, zipper wallets and cardholders would be convenient.

·       Occasions

As much as your daily routine and your profession, there are many other occasions to consider. A bulky wallet wouldn’t feel comfortable when you go to the gym or jogging. If you are about to go on a long road trip, you may wish to opt for a larger wallet in which you can put more of your personal belongings. In special events and ceremonies, aesthetic concerns would play an important role when deciding on a wallet or cardholder.


Beyond Utility of a Wallet or Cardholder: Quality and Manifestation of Yourself 

It is a reality that wallets or cardholders are not only tools for carrying and protecting our belongings.  Every detail of our outlook has also become potent instruments to manifest our identity, style, and taste in modern life. In this sense, wallets or cardholders are small but significant accessories to make a statement; thus, you should also be looking for the best quality and design while deciding whether a wallet or cardholder.


·       Always go for a genuine leather wallet or cardholder

Yes, genuine leather wallets or cardholders might be a little bit more expensive. However, leather is the best available material to protect your cash, cards, and other staff against dust and liquid spills. Furthermore, it is much more durable compared to cheap materials. Since genuine leather is a natural product and mostly free of chemical ingredients, it is healthier. Last but not least, genuine leather wallets or cardholders have natural patterns that create unique, splendid color shades over time. So, every genuine leather wallet or cardholder bears a separate life story.

·       Handmade is superior

Handicraft leather accessories are always superior. Such that your impeccable taste would notice them at first sight. Indeed, veteran artisans put great effort while creating and crafting handmade pieces of art; however, there is a mutual flow between the crafted item and the artisan. Consequently, the final output, be it a wallet or cardholder, is always a matter of pride for the artisan per se and would carry his/her signature. And this signature does not have to be physical. Then enjoy the pleasure and priority of that superiority. Meticulously applied strong stitches, carefully crafted curves, and edges, and exceptional finishes would make you and your beloved ones feel special.

·       Manifest Your Style and Make a Statement

As mentioned above, leather accessories went beyond utility purposes and have become tools of a fashion statement. The small detail of your outfits, such as a wallet or cardholder, would tell others about you and your way of life. When you put your minimalist design diablo black wallet on the table in a coffee shop, you also put your minimalist point of view on the table and maybe say, “I live my life based on experiences rather than show-offs.” On the other hand, when others notice your leopard patterned cardholder in the workplace, they also see that you underline your message, which is, “ I am here with all my freedom, self-confidence, feminity and non-conformity.”

·       See Personalization & Customization Options

Thanks to the majestic texture of genuine leather accessories, many personalization, and customization options are available for wallets or cardholders. You may add your initials, logos, or messages on your leather accessories using techniques such as heat press monogramming or laser engraving. Moreover, you can also extend your message to your beloved ones if these would be gifts.

·       Do not be that much conservative; give a chance to new designs and technologies

While needs and priorities are changing rapidly, new designs and technologies respond to them accordingly. For example, conventional cardholders may not be convenient for some people. This is because you have to take them out every time from their slots and put them back every time, and in its classic design, this can be a bit time-consuming in hectic modern life. So, if you have such a complaint, a mechanical leather wallet or cardholder with their chic and smart design could be a great solution. Touch a button, and all your cards pop up like Aladdin’s genie saying, “Master! Tell me your wish”.


·       Choose a Wallet or Cardholder with RFID Protection

When new technologies make our lives easier, criminals are not idle. Furthermore, they are always trying to find innovative ways to steal your money paradoxically. For example, the contactless payment system on our new-generation credit and debit cards and other smart cards that use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology might be a nightmare. RFID skimming criminals pose a severe threat to our contactless payment cards using scanners or mobile phones with NFC readers, and we could be victims easily. Consequently, always choose a wallet or cardholder equipped with RFID blocking technology.

Finally… Check Our Ever-Growing Wallet & Card Holder Collection

At Le Marchè, we tirelessly work for the highest quality without compromising the magic of tradition and innovation enthusiasm. Therefore, whichever option you go for, wallets or cardholders, we assure you of the top-notch quality materials, beautiful and charming designs, and a strong sense of elegancy you will receive. A wide range of color options and complimentary personalization with heat press monogramming awaits you to give what you deserve.


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