Why Upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max? 8 Similarities and Differences to Compare

iPhone 12 Pro Max: Similarities with the Rest of the Lineup

Before addressing reasons for why upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max, let’s have a look at some similar points between iPhone 12 Pro Max and the rest:


You can expect the same performance in terms of CPU and GPU as in iPhone 12 Pro. iPhone 12 Pro Max also comes with same 6 GB RAM on the board.



Having the biggest size among iPhone models may be the reason of why upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is one of the distinctive specialties of Pro Max, as we will detail below. However, it has the same edges with other iPhone 12 lineup. Thus, we can state that iPhone 12 Pro Max is the larger version of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.


iPhone 12 Pro Max offers OLED display just like other iPhone 12 smartphones. Nevertheless, since the screen is bigger, you would benefit from this feature more effectively. We will give the details regarding this difference below as one of the reasons for why upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Furthermore, iPhone 12 Pro Max has the same ceramic shield on the front as in other iPhone 12 range. This feature provides a protection of four times more than the one of predecessors.

-  Magsafe

Just like other models of iPhone 12 family, Pro Max provides the technology of Magsafe. This feature is added to all new iPhone 12 series to enable you connect power adopters and some other Apple accessories. You may reach more information for Magsafe here.

5G Connection

Apple has upgraded to 5G technology for the next-generation iPhone smartphones. Therefore, iPhone 12 Pro Max contains the same 5G wireless feature with the rest iPhone 12 range.

Why Upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max? Differences and Reasons to Prefer

Now it is time to get some answers for the question ‘why upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max?’:

Screen Size, Display, and Design

iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with 6.7 inch size, as the largest among all its predecessors in iPhone family. This big size will ensure more effective use of OLED Super Retina feature. In addition, the users will benefit from video and depth in HDR video functions with more quality. Also, images will be more visible and clearer.

As previously mentioned, the ceramic shield provides an increased performance of protection by x4 than last year models. 

One reason of why upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max, in terms of design, may be its mature colors. The rear of the phone comes with the options of Silver, Gold, Graphite, and Pacific Blue. Besides, -with its flat edge, stainless still sides, and matte-etched glass back-, Pro Max provides a more solid, robust, and well-built look.


Camera feature is no doubt one of the outstanding reasons for why upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max. One important difference on iPhone 12 Pro Max is that there are three cameras which make the rear setup protrudes relatively further. All these three cameras are upgraded with much better image processor. Moreover, the 12 MP sensor is upgraded as well, to be able to capture more light. 

Here we can cite that ultra-wide-angle camera is the same as the rest of iPhone 12 lineup. However, it is significantly improved when compared to iPhone 11 series, thanks to software correction and night mode addition. Furthermore, though telephoto camera of Pro Max 12 uses the same sensor with i12-Pro, it offers a new lens. This lens will enable you obtain 2.5x zoom factor. That means you can reach tighter farming, but with the same capture quality.

Wide-angle camera may appear as a prominent reason of why upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max. This new camera enhances three main changes. First, the larger lens enables to achieve better color rendition and light capture. Second, due to its larger aperture, the camera can get more light through a bigger hole. This will assist the user to snap candid shots. Third, new sensor-shift IOS system stabilizes the sensor rather than the lenses. That way the users can benefit from the advantages of faster adjustment.

Finally, another motivation for why upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max may be the lidar function. The lidar enables faster auto-focus even under low-light. Additionally, the lidar supports portrait mode in night mode shots. The lidar is featured only in iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max models.


Battery life is one important reason of why upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Naturally, i12 Pro Max has a large battery due to its size. Some test results support that iPhone 12 Pro Max has relatively longer battery life.

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