You know what they say, “A life without love is like a year without summer.” So, to Show some love for you all this summer, we’re giving away a gift set to 3 lucky winners! The winners also will get a choice of designs.

The competition, organized through the post shared on the Instagram account at, will start on 28 of July and end at 15 August on 23.59.
In order to participate in the contest, users;
• Will follow the Instagram page (
• Will like the contest post. 
· In order for the participation to be evaluated, the Instagram accounts of the participants must be public.

· 3 people will be selected among the participants of the competition, they will win a gift set.
. The winners will be determined by casting lots.                       
. Gift colors and sizes may vary depending on stock availability.
· The participation under the post after 00.00 of 15 August, will not be considered.
· Those under the age of 18 cannot participate in the competition, and if they participate, no gifts will be given.
· The won prize is non-transferable and/or cannot be claimed in cash.
· The winners will be announced on the Le Marche official Instagram account on stories.
· Winners are required to provide their contact information within 48 hours after the winner announcement story. 
· Winners are obliged to submit their contact information in full.
· Winners must be at the specified address on the dates to be specified.
· Persons who are not at the specified address at the specified time shall be deemed to have waived their rights.
· Le Marche, agency employees and their 1st degree relatives cannot even participate in the competition, and if they participate, they cannot win an award.
· Le Marche has the right to unilaterally stop, pause, restart this contest, make unilateral changes, change the content of the gift and/or act similarly at any time without any notification.
· During the campaign, Le Marche reserves the right to cancel the participation without any warning in case it detects that cheating has been done by using computer and internet technologies in a way that will adversely affect the campaign results, or that registration has been created in any way unfairly. Even if these people are on the list of winners, if a transaction or behavior against the rules is detected, all participation data of the participant will be deleted and the right to win prizes will be forfeited.
· Everyone participating in the competition is deemed to have read and understood all the above mentioned competition conditions and will be concidered as accepted in advance.